Integration & Automation

Wi-Fi Upgrades

Integration & Programming to Achieve True Smart Automation

Have you thought about buying smart devices, but don't know how to make them work together?

  • This is what brings connected devices together to create a Smart Home. Installing and controlling smart devices only brings you part of the way there. To create smart automation of these devices you need to be on a good WiFi network and programmed to work with one another; this is known as integration. We will work with you to create these programs using whatever platform you choose to be the foundation of your Smart Home.

Improve Internet Coverage through Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

  • A Mesh Wi-Fi system provides you with a seamless internet experience throughout your smart home. No more switching to range extenders while walking from the bedroom to the living room. This system also give you control to prioritize devices on your network and pause connection to specific devices whenever you want. (Think Parental Controls!) A Mesh Wi-Fi also gives your smart home devices a better network for them to interact with each other no matter the distance. Modern Mesh Wi-Fi devices are discreet and designed to be out in the open.