About Us

New Smart Homes are being built all over the country; it is quickly becoming the standard in new home construction. As you build your new home, don't miss out on the chance to save money & time by including an IoHomes smart home solution package into your construction.

Not building a new home ... existing home owners are asking, "How can I get the convenience and benefits of this great technology without buying a new house?". The answer is ... an IoHomes retrofit smart home package. We are here to bring our years of experience and technology know-how to you giving you the smart home you have always wanted.

IoHomes is the most convenient local provider of smart home solutions for both new and existing homes.

We provide a range of solutions from the top manufacturers. We help our customers create a home environment that seamlessly incorporates the convenience of smart devices into their families and lifestyles. From lighting and thermostats, to security cameras and door locks; IoHomes can help you achieve convenience & peace of mind, and also save you energy & time.

Michael Amato

Owner / Founder

Michael has worked with home and building controls technology for over 15 years providing service to both commercial and residential customers. He had a degree is Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Energy Manager. He realized that smart home and IoT companies were popping up all over the place with big claims that their technology was the best. Many of those trendy startup companies faded away and left their customers with unsupported junk that never lived up to their promises and never integrated properly with the popular Smart Home platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit. He created IoHomes to help customers avoid the trap of trendy technology with empty promises that were full of buyer remorse.