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Engaged Energy Management Services

Through the use of established Energy Management and Energy Auditing procedures we will provide our consultative services to help you meet your energy goals. We help with no-cost and low-cost level energy conservation measures (ECM) that will ultimately help improve your facilities Operating Expenses. We also partner with Facility Solutions Group for larger Cap-Ex projects.

We offer access to energy incentive and rebate programs with utilities throughout the country. These programs will give you access to available funds to pay for facility upgrade projects and even participate in programs that will PAY YOU for your facility's cooperation to reduce energy consumption. Incentive programs such as Demand Response are administered through our partnership with Enersponse.

In addition, we have access to a variety of advanced building automation technology partners to specify the right system to meet your needs. We will help you either procure that technology, or draft your specification to aide in your bid process.

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Using IoT to Maximize Your Energy Management

With the recent evolution of building automation and control technology we now have access to energy savings that was previously out of reach. The connection of these building systems and devices to accessible computer systems is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

Using IoT devices these systems and services can provide ongoing improvement to your facility through continuous monitoring and advanced control settings. Essentially any system that consumes energy can now be connected and optimized; from ventilation to lighting to plug loads and beyond. For IoT products to help with your HVAC system, we have partnered with Zen Ecosystems.

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These IoT systems give you access to participating in energy incentive programs such as Demand Response with electric loads such as HVAC, lighting and plug-load devices that were previously not considered.

We will work with your team to detail the best sequence of operation (SOO) for your Demand Response plan.